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Craving a close shave? These clubs offer convenience in spades, but how do you tell one buzzworthy shaving subscription box from the next? We’ve got the details.

For the Guy Who Wants Flexibility and Value: Dollar Shave Club

The ads are everywhere, and in many ways, this is the box that started the shaving subscription revolution, but does Dollar Shave Club stand up to the hype? Our Magic 8 Ball (which is actually tons of research and customer feedback) says yes. Get your feet wet with a risk-free start set, then choose your favorite products and you’ll get periodic deliveries you can tweak at anymore. The ability to personalize your shipments is a major selling point; you choose when you get mail, you decide what’s included, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Price: Trial kits start at $5; Full-size “Restock Boxes” start at $24.70 (with 5% “Handsome Discount”)

What’s Included: Basic shave kit includes shave butter, razor handle, and a 4-pack of razor cartridges

Commitment Level: Money-back guarantee; no contractual commitment

Frequency: Up to the customer

Beyond Razors: Prep scrub, shave butter, repair serum, body and face cleaners, shampoo, oral care products, hair styling products, butt wipes, and more

For the Guy Who Wants Quality on a Budget: Harry’s

Harry’s puts a lot of effort into emphasizing quality. “5 German blades” is repeatedly mentioned throughout the company’s marketing collateral, and that’s important because more blades = a closer, more comfortable shave. Handles feature a texturized rubber grip for non-slip maneuvering, and customers can choose from multiple colors (the chrome is uber fancy).

Price: Starter set is $8 (includes new-customer discount) with free shipping; Refills start at $15 for blades only or $35 for a “family plan”

What’s Included: Handle, five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shave gel, travel blade cover

Commitment Level: Subscribe to save, but cancel anytime

Frequency: Every 2-5 months, depending on how often you shave

Beyond Razors: Foaming shave gel, post-shave mist, face wash, body wash, razor stand, travel kit

For the Brand Loyalist: Gillette On Demand

Gillette is hardly a newcomer to the men’s product niche, but their On Demand service is a smart play for a company hoping to spin name recognition into a firm foothold in the subscription shave club niche. Users choose from popular Gillette products like the Mach3, Sensor3, and Fusion Proshield and can place a one-time order via the website, text, or email, or set up a subscription which scores you every fourth order free.

Price: Introductory pricing starts at $7/pack (for an 8-pack of disposable razors or a 4-pack of blades); Regular pricing starts at $10/pack

Commitment Level: One-time-only “on demand” service or subscription based

Frequency: As requested

Beyond Razors: Razors only

For the Guy Who Craves the Finer Things: KC Shave Co

“If you are a man with a face, you’ve found the right place.” KC Shave Co’s quirky but straightforward copy says it all: this is a brand for dudes who like to look good and don’t mind paying for the privilege. Forget disposable razors – these bad boys are the real deal, with stunning handles and a sharp blade that will give you the closest, most bump-free shave of your life. Soaps are scented with manly odors like Italian bergamot, oakmoss, cedarwood, and vanilla bourbon, and there’s an emphasis on skin-soothing organic ingredients. KC Shave Co also offers safety razors for those who aren’t ready to live life on the edge (get it??).

Price: Standard crate is $59.95 per month; prepay for a year and save $24 for a total price of $215.82

What’s Included: Standard crate includes 25 blades, Mahogany-scented pre-shave oil, Mahogany-scented shave soap, and menthol aftershave tonic

Commitment Level: Monthly subscription can be canceled anytime; prepaid yearly subscription runs every 12 months

Frequency: Quarterly

Beyond Razors: Beard oil, shave brushes, groomsmen gift sets, shaving bowls, strops & sharpening belts, solid cologne

For the Guy With Problem Skin: Bevel

Bevel has made clear, smooth skin its differentiator. The company promises to tackle those icky shave bumps that make your hesitant to take selfies with your BFF and duck out of your company photo just so you don’t have to memorialize your mucked-up mug. No more. If you believe Bevel, their Bevel Shave System’s special blend of aloe vera, tea tree/sunflower/castor/olive oils, and lactic and salicylic acids will deliver incomparably supple skin with more even tone and texture.

Price: First shipment is $19.98/month

What’s Included: Initial Complete Bevel Shave System includes safety razor, 60 free blades, shave brush, priming oil, shave cream, and restoring balm; quarterly Refill Kits include priming oil, shave cream, restoring balm, and 60 free blades

Commitment Level: None – adjust, cancel, or skip anytime

Frequency: Quarterly

Beyond Razors: Shave creams, priming oils, restoring balm, travel products

For the Guy Who Likes to Shave “Down There”: Manscaped

These days, smooth skin doesn’t have to stop at your chin. For dudes who like to keep things neat and tidy from top to toe, there’s Manscaped, a brand specializing in “below-the-waist” grooming. Tools are precision engineered to rock nooks and crannies with the greatest of ease, and ergonomic design elements make for a comfy hold with minimal contortion (at least in theory). Products and kits are all available as one-of purchases, but signing up for Replenish Packs gets you regular delivers of all your manscaping necessities so you’re never left dealing with unsightly stubble in sensitive situations.

Price: Replenish Packs start at $29.95

What’s Included: Replenish Pack includes body wash, combo moisturizer/deodorant, toner & refresher, set of disposable shaving mats, 10-pack of The Plow replacement blades

Commitment Level: No commitment, buy and cancel at will

Frequency: As desired, in monthly increments

Beyond Razors: Electric trimmers, nail kit, travel bags, t-shirts, breath mints, cologne, hair and body wash, ball deodorant