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The trench coat is a timeless piece of outerwear clothing that serves a great purpose. It’s lightweight and breathable, but keeps the wearer shielded from rain and warmer in the process. The look of a perfect trench coat is sleek and elegant with a rich history that dates back to the late 1800s. Even though two companies boast that they were the inventors of the trench coat, Burberry and Aquascutum, it’s likely a debate that will go unresolved. Either way, wearing the right trench coat is an important part of an ideal menswear look that works practically anywhere you go.

Banana Republic Classic Trench Coat

A relaxed-fit trench coat that only comes down mid-thigh is this one from Banana Republic. Their Classic Trench Coat comes in two colors, black and khaki, made of organic cotton from an Italian fabric mill. It’s a warmer offering with a point collar and eye/hook closure in this double-breasted coat. Since it’s so oversized and belted at the waist, it’s great for layering sweaters or hoodies underneath, but it’s dressy enough for a suit.


North & Mark Howard Waterproof Stretch Trench Coat

Another mid-thigh length trench coat, the North & Mark Howard Waterproof Stretch Trench Coat, is breathable and lightweight with a reflective cuff for safety. It can make you more visible in dark rainstorms, which is very important if you live in a walkable city with this type of climate. This model comes in khaki and black, but the khaki is very light, almost cream-colored. The fabric is three-layer protection with a four-way stretch for optimal movement and comfort. This isn’t a typical stiff kind of coat that you feel is too restrictive for any kind of movement.


London Fog Iconic Trench Coat

One of the most well-known brands of trench coats is the London Fog Iconic Trench Coat. A full-style trench coat that is double-breasted and belted at the waist. The fabric is a biconstituent fiber with a polyester blend that’s washable in sizes regular, short, and long to accommodate different heights in black or khaki color. You really can’t go wrong with a company that has been making coats since 1923 in America.


Pantete Man’s Double Breasted Trench Coat

A longer-style trench coat in navy, the Pantete Man’s Double Breasted Trench Coat is double-breasted and belted for a roomy feel that’s easy to wear. With a lapel collar and shoulder strap, this plush-lined style is suitable for any occasion and can be machine washed. That’s a beneficial feature if you tend to be very active around your town with a coat that gets dirty quickly from the elements.


Burberry Mid-Length Kensington Heritage Trench Coat

A sleek and stylish luxury option, the Burberry Mid-Length Kensington Heritage Trench Coat is a top-notch way to wear this type of coat. In black, Honey (khaki), and Midnight (navy) and made with the classic Burberry printed lining, this coat is 100 percent cotton with buffalo horn buttons, calf leather buckles, and signature detailing that Burberry is known for. A classic trench that you’ll never get rid of, but definitely is dry clean only. It’s worth it for the prestige and quality of a classic Burberry trench beauty.


Brady Tunnel Trench

The Brady Tunnel Trench in Stone is a dark gray that’s more simple looking and modern than your average trench coat. This minimalist style is mid-length, water repellant, and has a more boxy style to it. The reason they call it the “tunnel trench” is that the company pictures you walking through a football stadium during the cold weather season. A more casual trench that isn’t too fussy-looking for your most casual outings.


Express Khaki Water Resistant Trench Coat

Another mid-length style that comes in short or tall is this one from the mall brand, Express. Their Khaki Water Resistant Trench Coat is lightweight and casual with double-breasted buttons and a removable belt, if you prefer to wear it in a more simple way. The straight hem and slanted pockets are comfortable in this cotton/polyester blend that repels water and is machine washable.


Zara Flowy Trench

The Spanish brand Zara has come out with a more unscripted trench coat with less structure than more traditional versions. The Zara Flowy Trench is made in brown and taupe, but has the unique characteristic of using fabric that’s been produced with sustainable technology for less of an environmental impact. With a double-breasted, belted style, the rest of the coat is modern and minimalist. No extra detailing is necessary for this longer mid-calf trench coat.


Indochino Heywood Khaki Trench Coat With Detachable Lining

A cool feature of the Indochino Heywood Khaki Trench Coat is the detachable lining. That means this style can go through multiple seasons in any rainy weather. Mid-length with 100 percent cotton fabric, the trench is custom-made by the company with your exact measurements being taken into consideration. Having a bespoke trench coat like this is going to make it feel like it was precisely made for you, since it clearly was.


Brooks Brothers Single-Breasted Trench Coat

If for some reason, you don’t enjoy double-breasted coats, this Brooks Brothers Single-Breasted Trench Coat is ideal. With two color choices of navy and khaki, this mid-length style is simply elegant in short, regular, or long. The fabric is pure cotton with a removable quilted lining for extra warmth in any colder season or quick removal for a summer rainstorm.


Uniqlo Trench Coat

From minimalist brand Uniqlo, comes their version of the Trench Coat. They consider it modern with a relaxed fit that’s unisex. In 33 Khaki or 69 Navy, these neutral colors will coordinate with practically anything you wear, casual or dressed up in a suit. With a cotton/polyester blend, this dry-clean-only coat is one of the most affordable on this list.


Mackintosh St. Andrews Khaki Gabardine Cotton Trench Coat

An old-school style that’s been around since 1824, when you buy the Mackintosh St. Andrews Khaki Gabardine Cotton Trench Coat, you are buying history. Its mid-thigh length and tortoise buttons are classic in this double-breasted style that’s belted. The outer shell is water-repellant and the linings are customizable to fit in with every season. Having a collar with a throat latch adds to the mystic and drama of wearing this proper trench coat with a bit of a James Bond feel to it.