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Now that winter’s chill is more than a distant memory, it’s time to immerse yourself fully in the joys of spring and the promise of summer. The warmest temperatures are yet to come, and that means it’s prime time to break out the swim trunks. Given that shorts weather is upon us, too, it makes sense to begin the search for the best swim trunks of the year right now. We’ve rounded up a few favorites to make life — and packing for your upcoming getaways — a whole lot simpler.

Filson Dry Falls Shorts

Like a pair of actual shorts, Filson Dry Falls Shorts are built with your active lifestyle in mind. They’re made with heavy-duty cotton and enhanced with a touch of stretch for better flexibility when you’re on the move. Whether you’re wading around in a creek or relaxing at the lake, you’ll appreciate the dexterity and stability of these shorts that feature multiple Velcro-flap pockets and a waistband with an adjustable drawstring for the best possible fit.


Marine Layer Striped Board Short

The best things in life are… old? At the very least, they’re often vintage, at least sartorially speaking. The Marine Layer Striped Board Short masters that old-school look beautifully. It has the feel of a well-loved pair of shorts that’s been immersed in pools and oceans galore and lived to tell the tale. That soft texture alone makes it irresistible, but we also love that they’re extra durable and look great, too.


Katin Schooner Swim Short

If you know Cali cool, odds are you’re already familiar with the Katin Schooner Swim Short. The label, known for its robust swimwear designed to withstand everything from crisp winds to salty ocean water, designed these shorts with longevity in mind. They’re light and easy to wear, quick to dry, and add some vintage-level style to your warm-weather wardrobe. There’s also a back pocket for your basics, plus a stretchy waistband for added comfort.


Everlane The ReNew Swim Short

The best swim shorts are more than just trunks. They dabble in other areas, dramatically enhancing their importance in your life at the same time. Such is the case with Everlane The ReNew Swim Short, a smart and sturdy pair made with water-repellent fabric that boasts extra stretch for maximum comfort. Wear them for your swim session, your bike ride, or any active pursuit that calls your name.


Onia Liberty Charles Short

Simple, stylish, functional. What more could you ask for from a pair of swim trunks? The Onia Liberty Charles Short has you covered in every way imaginable thanks to the comfortable material and stretchy finish. Add to that an irresistible botanical pattern and you’ve got yourself the perfect pair of shorts for all of your beach and pool adventures.


Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

If you’re committed to reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible, begin in your closet. Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks are made with a combination of 85% recycled cotton polyester and a touch of spandex. The result is a pair of wonderfully stretchy shorts that is available in dozens of fun solid colors and patterns. Throw on a tee and head for a boardwalk lunch before burning off the calories in the ocean.


Roark Chiller Zapotec Rug Board Short

Designed in honor of and named for the famed Oaxacan wool-woven rugs, the Roark Chiller Zapotec Rug Board Short is nothing if not pleasing to the eye. It also has another notch in its belt: it’s eco-friendly, thanks to its blend of recycled polyester and hemp. The sustainable short features ultra-soft fabric designed to repel water and combat stains, too.


Faherty Brand Beacon Swim Short

Life is a lot easier when you’re all set for summer. The Faherty Brand Beacon Swim Short keeps things simple in every way. It’s made with recycled polyester sourced from repurposed plastic bottoms and finished with a hint of cotton for added softness. Not only do they repel moisture and dry quickly, they also happen to look great with their rich paisley pattern on a soft peach backdrop.


Bather Chili Pepperbush Swim Trunks

You’re all about the cool, unique styles that are different from anything else in the water. Enter Bather Chili Pepperbush Swim Trunks. They’re made with a light, recycled fabric that’s known for its quick-drying properties. The volley length is an all-time classic, but it’s the phenomenal floral-on-white palette that truly helps these stand out.


Saturdays NYC Ennis Boardshort

Retro vibes abound in the Saturdays NYC Ennis Boardshort. Like something out of a beach movie from another era, these attractive shorts stand out not only for their vintage silhouette but also their crisp, no-fuss fabric. The colorblocked finish is sleek and sophisticated, lending the shorts a hint of modernity.


Marine Layer Rincon Swim Short

Color us obsessed with this radiant pair of trunks that’s sure to make a splash all season. The Marine Layer Rincon Swim Short captures that old-school aesthetic for which the label is so renowned. It’s not just the soft fabric and durable quality that makes these shorts so important to your warm-weather wear, though. It’s also those undeniable good looks. The rainbow palette is nicely offset by an ombre finish that lends them a soft, approachable appearance.