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Warm weather has arrived, which means you’ve probably got swimsuits and sandals on the brain. While those are probably high on your must-wear list, don’t dismiss the importance of a great suit, too. There’s always room in a well-rounded wardrobe for an immaculate two-piece, after all. What sets summer’s contenders apart? Think comfort. The right materials make all the difference, helping you keep your cool when it matters the most — something you’ll be especially grateful for during a job interview or on date night. You’ll feel polished and pulled together in any of these fashionable suits, all perfect for the summer months ahead.

Indochino Stockport Wool Linen Suit

Smart and modern, the beautiful Indochino Stockport Wool Linen Suit promises to become an instant favorite. It’s nearly impossible to resist the attention to detail here, from the delicate weave to the stylish silhouette. Perfect for whatever the day or evening brings, be it a big meeting or your engagement, this smart suit makes a welcome addition to any well-rounded wardrobe.


Suit Supply Havana Suit

When you want to be a little more laid-back, the Suit Supply Havana Suit fits the bill nicely. It exudes a polished appearance and offers more than a hint of sophistication, yet isn’t over the top or stuffy in any way. What’s more, the slim silhouette exudes a modernity that’s perfect for bringing your closet up to do date. The Italian-cut cotton lends the suit a sense of refinement, making it the perfect choice for your dressy-yet-casual summer activities.


Todd Snyder Madison Suit

If pinstripes and traditional silhouettes are more your speed, the Todd Snyder Madison Suit deserves a place in your closet. Smart and versatile, this set includes a pair of pleated bottoms and a matching jacket that’s surprisingly soft and approachable. There’s nothing stiff or hoity-toity about this suit, despite how well-suited it is to your most VIP-worthy events. Take in the crisp blue stripes that stand out against the navy backdrop, too. They’re hardly subtle, which is the point if you want to rock those stripes like never before.


Suit Supply Lazio Suit

That soft blue hue alone is enough to turn heads, but there’s so much more to the Suit Supply Lazio Suit than its good looks. A sheer masterpiece from top to bottom, it features a refined coat and a pair of slim-fit pants finished in a timeless wool, silk, and linen blend that feels so good, you may never want to take the suit off. A fantastic choice for taking you from your desk to date night, or to the grand opening of your latest venture, this smart suit is made to go everywhere you do.


Bonobos Italian Stretch Seersucker Suit

Summer fiends, prepare to be wowed. The Bonobos Italian Stretch Seersucker Suit is the warm-weather companion you didn’t know you needed. Maybe you had a vision of the perfect suit for the season, but you couldn’t have envisioned it would look this phenomenal. It’s cool and effortless, combining the practicality of breezy seersucker with crisp stripes for a look that’s equally well-suited for the yacht or the office.


Suit Supply Havana Suit

Some days are just a little too warm — make that downright unbearably sweltering — for your liking. Enter the Suit Supply Havana Suit, which brings new meaning to warm-weather style. Featuring a smartly tailored jacket with a slim fit, it includes a pair of companion shorts that are perfectly refined — and just right for helping you keep your cool when it matters the most. Whether you work in a casual environment or just have a knack for dressing up your low-key ensembles, this suit will sit just right with you.


Italian Stretch Cotton Suit

Some suits are literally visions brought to life, and it’s safe to say that applies to the Bonobos Italian Stretch Cotton Suit. Clean lines and a slender silhouette lend it a contemporary edge, while the breathable fabric is lightweight and perfect for the season. A hint of stretch amplifies its comfort, allowing you to move easily as you go about your day. Available in an array of colors, this sharp suit is just right for virtually anything on your agenda.


Indochino Stapleford Seersucker Suit

Few produce suits as iconic as Indochino. The label’s Stapleford Seersucker Suit is no exception — in fact, it’s a summertime masterpiece. You’ll love the way the fabric is slightly puckered, ensuring that it never restricts your movement or hugs your skin uncomfortably on warm days. Ample ventilation improves your comfort with every step, and you never have to worry about unsightly creases, either. Talk about a style icon.


Tom Ford Silk Linen Suit

Leave it to Tom Ford to come up with the goods each and every time. The designer’s Silk Linen Suit is practically made with your comfort in mind. Both silk and linen are perfect choices for combatting the heat, helping you stay cool thanks to their ability to absorb moisture and help your skin breathe. The result is a surprisingly lightweight suit that you can count on wearing whenever the occasion demands something extra-special.


While summer and suits aren’t exactly synonymous, how often you wear them depends largely on the styles that you add to your closet. These picks will keep you comfortable while maintaining your stylish edge year after year.