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While online shopping is great (Amazon, how did we ever live without you?) it’s still shopping. We have to search through an overwhelming number of products, read the descriptions and reviews, and take time out of our day to place the order. Luckily, over the past few years, we’ve seen the huge growth of subscription services in all sorts of industries. From food to fashion, we can now sign up to have unique products from a vast array of brands sent straight to our doors each month. Here’s a list of our favorite subscription services. Get ready to discover your favorite new items.


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Short for the Italian word "Sprezzatura," Sprezza is slang for "dapper or stylish, without [seemingly] trying." The goal of Sprezzabox is to help you achieve effortless style at a great price. They curate the latest fashion accessories and work with upcoming brands to offer customers a monthly box of goods with a guaranteed value of over $100.

Birchbox Man

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We can't think of many men who really enjoy the process of shopping for grooming essentials. Luckily Birchbox Man has come to the rescue. Each month, you’ll receive four hefty samples that cover a single step in your grooming routine. One month might be face washes, another might be fragrances. You get to test them all and once you've found your favorite, save big by shopping from their online store.


$49 every 2 months
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The concept behind Mantry is simple: six amazing food products curated for you, every 2 months. The process of creating each delivery is a bit more complex, however. The team at Mantry scours the country for the top artisan foodmakers and creates themed boxes like "Bacon Nation" and "Bourbon BBQ." The final product is delivered in a Handmade Wooden Crate with a custom Manual detailing product stories and recipes. Anyone else drooling yet?

Dollar Shave Club

You're probably familiar with Dollar Shave Club from the epic ad they released when they launched back in 2012. Since there's nothing worse than shaving with a dull razor, the company is still going strong four years later (an eternity in startup years). Simply select one of their blades, pay only for the cost of the blades, and wait for them to be delivered to your door every month. Plus, you can easily add skin and hair care products to your order.


Starting at $25/month
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This one is a bit unexpected, but is definitely the manliest subscription service of the bunch. (And that's saying a lot. One of our choices is called ManlyGram.) Battlbox is a monthly subscription for hand-picked tactical, survival, EDC, and other cool gear. With 4 packages to choose from, Battlbox has you covered, whether you're going camping for the weekend or prepping to climb K2.

Southern Scholar

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For many men, socks are often an afterthought, which is a shame since they can add that perfect pop of color to a less than exciting ensemble. So we wanted to include a sock-specific service on this list. Southern Scholar provides unique, yet professional, designs that are knit using classic color blends and the best materials out there.


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Manliness delivered monthly. The Manscription from ManlyGram delivers a monthly assortment of delicious man approved sauces, spices, meats, condiments and more. Plus these guys have a great sense of humor, so you can expect to chuckle when you read the information card that comes with your monthly box.

Grilling Box

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With Grilling Box, you receive 6 items each month including sauces, rubs, marinades, spices, wood chips, and more grilling goods/accessories. Self-proclaimed grillmasters, have you signed up yet?


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Yes, we know we've already mentioned some grooming subscription services here. But Menascope is a bit different. Members receive handcrafted grooming and lifestyle products from small local and nationwide businesses. All products are made specifically for Menascope, meaning that they are fresher and better for you. Expect to receive shave soaps, lotions, beard care kits, and lifestyle accessories in your monthly delivery.