Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Men’s Fragrances for Winter 2017
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Last season, we uncovered the best unique fragrances for the fall, and we’re back with a new round up for winter. Winter fragrances are generally stronger and have more projection, meaning larger scent bubbles to cut through the cold. Of course, no one is mandating the right season to wear a fragrance, and many “fall scents” are also wearable in the winter, as well as in the spring, so make sure to visit our Fall 2017 list.

But if you’re looking for something new, we’re taking the road less traveled again, because a true gentleman’s signature scent is never generic. But if you just want the tried-and-true popular choice, you can’t go wrong with Thierry Mugler Pure Malt.

Now, let’s dive right into our picks for Winter 2017.

Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire

Meaning “dark chamber,” or the photographic darkroom, Chambre Noire comes from a line of fragrances that allude to photographic themes. Imagine a Pulitzer-winning photojournalist in a war zone, and immerse yourself in this smoky, leathery, woody, inky, and plummy darkroom. While giving off a strangely intelligent vibe, this scent is masculine, pleasant, and versatile. Excellent for both casual and formal occasions.

Serge Lutens Arabie

Dried fruits and exotic spices of Arabie take you through a bazaar in a foreign land. Also consisting of nutmeg, caraway, bay leaf, cloves, fig, dates, and many other oriental spices, this fragrance is beautiful and resinous. Better for formal occasions, but also great for a casual, romantic dinner.

By Kilian Back to Black

Honey, raspberry, cherry, and tobacco? Yes, please. Unlike many other honey-based fragrances that smell synthetic and syrupy, the honey in Back to Black is masterful and authentic. Strong, long-lasting, rich, and complex--this fragrance has all the qualities that warrant the expensive price tag. Best for formal.

Dior Feve Delicieuse

Literally translating to “delicious bean,” this fragrance from Dior’s private collection is what every gourmand fragrance (i.e., a scent that is evocative of food) aspires to be. The blend of tonka bean, vanilla, lavender, cherry, caramel, and woods could not have been done better. You’ll smell like a million bucks (with a sweet tooth). Great for casual, romantic settings, but definitely wear this to a formal holiday party.

That’s our list for Winter 2017. Again, don’t just take our word for it on these albeit fantastic selections; there’s a whole world of scents out there, so go out and explore. We’ll be back with more great choices in our next list, so see you again in the spring.