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A great pair of linen pants is a traditional spring and summer staple. The reason being is that the material is woven from the fibers of a very special plant, flax. That type of fabric is breathable and cooling on the body. Plus, as a versatile style, linen pants are easy to wear and comfortable all day. They go with a variety of shirts and jackets with the ability to be dressed up or down.

If you don’t have a few pairs of linen pants in your wardrobe, it’s time to jump on this seamless clothing item. Wear them on vacation, around town, or even to the office with the right look that is professional. It’s a trend in fashion that’s always going to be in style. Let’s look at some of the best linen pants for men available right now.

Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Linen Traveler Trouser

This pair of linen pants from Todd Snyder, the Italian Cotton Linen Traveler Trouser, is the perfect combination of a jogger style with actual belt loops to dress it up a bit. Plus, if you hate not wearing a belt, this style of linen pants is for you. The material is a combination of linen, cotton, and elastic for a little bit of comfy stretch. The Italian-made fabric is easy to dress up with a blazer or be more casual with a comfortable polo shirt.


OAS Beige Linen Long Pant

From the OAS company that is known for its minimalist looks in resort wear, is the Beige Linen Long Pant. This pair of linen pants are a drawstring casual style made of a combination of linen with cotton. These are insanely breathable for the hottest summer days. This pair was designed at their studios in Stockholm, Sweden.


Goodlife Essential Linen Pant

The Goodlife Essential Linen Pant is a basic style that, with an airy feel of cotton and linen blended together, will soon become a favorite pair to wear all summer. It’s a drawstring style that comes in a couple of different core colors, but it’s the seasonal ones that you’ll want to pick up. The “Incense” is a tan color, but the “Laurel” is a must-have in a beautiful sea foam green.


Madda Fella Key West Men’s Linen Beach Pant

From the company who knows what a great vacation looks like is this pair of Men’s Linen Beach Pant. Madda Fella Key West is a brand that specializes in vacation wear for the island life. Even if you aren’t going to the shores of Key West, wearing this pair of linen trousers around town with a relaxed cuff, vintage wash, and 100 percent Irish linen will make you feel like you’re channeling Ernest Hemingway.


Faherty Reserve Cotton Linen Trouser

With a more fitted and slim look, this pair of Faherty Reserve Cotton Linen Trouser is perfect for casual Friday office wear. It’s a more dressed-up version than most linen pants. With a flat front, belt loops, and waistband curtain for a clean look, this pair is the one to wear with a jacket, tie, and would even be great for a summer wedding. The combination fabric has quite a bit of stretch too, for the utmost comfort.


Frescobol Carioca Oscar Straight-Leg Linen and Cotton-Blend Drawstring Trousers

One of the most comfortable styles on this list is the Frescobol Carioca Oscar Straight-Leg Linen and Cotton-Blend Drawstring Trousers. The company makes this pair to sit poolside sipping cocktails or running around town with comfortable ease. They have a straight leg with a slightly cropped fit that looks great in navy or the light blue-gray they offer. The company suggests you wear it with a great t-shirt and some espadrilles.


A Kind of Guise Samurai Straight-Leg Linen Drawstring Suit Trousers

For a trouser that is high-quality from a company that started out making Italian leather duffle bags, comes this pair from A Kind of Guise. The Samurai Straight-Leg Linen Drawstring Suit Trousers are a basic pair with drawstring that is roomy and relaxed with horn buttons. The color is gorgeous, a rich olive green, that will pair well with all kinds of options. You can even buy the matching shawl collar linen jacket that goes with it for a great head-to-toe look. Pair it with some Gucci loafers and you’re going to be the best-dressed man in any room.


Thom Sweeney Slim-Fit Linen Drawstring Trousers

A big complaint with many linen pants is that they are just too roomy. Not with these Thom Sweeney Slim-Fit Linen Drawstring Trousers. This pair is just right, made of all Italian linen with an elasticized waistband with button and zip fastening around the drawstring. Throw this pair right in the washer and dryer because it’s luckily not dry clean only. Be brave and buy the classic white pair for summer. Just don’t eat while wearing them. Good luck getting ketchup out of these bad boys.


NN07 Karl Tapered Linen Chinos

Airy and breathable linen makes up this pair of NN07 Karl Tapered Linen Chinos. They are oat linen made in Denmark with a button and zip fastening feature. The traditional soft color of tan that most linen pants are made out of works well with this pair. The company calls it “Beige”, but they also make a nice navy and dark brown pair. Machine washable with belt loops makes this pair an easy choice for a casual workday, or a nice dinner on the town while vacationing in the tropics. Lucky you.