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A cooler is undeniably a summer necessity. It may be your constant companion when you’re fishing, camping, tailgating, road-tripping, or vacationing. Whatever your activity of choice, a cooler is a must for keeping your goods on ice, whether that’s a six pack or the fish you just caught.

While there are thousands of cooler models available, it takes something significantly special to stand out from the pack. One thing is certain: It’s worth paying attention to those differences so you can put your money towards something that will last for years. Looks matter, sure, but it’s more than a pretty face that makes a cooler a standout. We’re focusing on details like strength, durability, longevity, space, and practicality — and to make shopping for the perfect one easier, we’ve rounded up the very best of the best coolers.

Igloo Legacy 54 Qt Cooler

You don’t need to speak cooler to know the Igloo name. They’ve reigned since they launched in 1947 — and with good reason. The brand’s Legacy 54 is an ode to everything that you could possibly ask of a cooler, from its vintage design inspired by old-school ice chests to its stainless steel build, long-lasting Ultratherm insulation, and 85-can capacity.


YETI Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler

Who says softies can’t be tough? They never met the YETI Hopper Flip 18, a soft cooler that’s worth every penny for its durability, portability, waterproof shell, and rubber foam insulation for prime temperature regulation. Designed to hold at least 20 cans and ice, it’s sized just right for a daytime adventure or a road trip with a friend.


Permasteel 80 Qt Classic Outdoor Patio Cooler on Wheels

If retro style is your thing, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the Permasteel 80 Qt Classic Outdoor Patio Cooler. Set on heavy-duty casters and two locking wheels, it adds a distinctive detail to your cookouts, pool parties, tailgates, and backyard hangs. Basically, it’s an attention-grabber capable of keeping your goods cold for at least 36 hours.


Cotopaxi Hielo 24L Cooler Backpack – Del Dia

Did someone say “life of the party”? Even if you’re known as the ultimate good-time friend who can never say no to an invite, you’ve got to admit you’ve got some competition in this Hielo 24L Cooler Backpack from Cotopaxi. It’s the most vibrant cooler out there, adorned in a rainbow of hues and boasting a bucket-style design for easy access.


YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

Convenience is king in this life, meaning a cooler on wheels is basically royalty. The YETI Tundra Haul is a portable powerhouse on wheels, capable of holding 45 cans of beer and offering the kind of robust, tough-as-nails durability that the most ardent of cooler users expect. It’s great for avid fishing enthusiasts, tailgaters, partiers, and everyone in between.


L.L.Bean Soft Pack Cooler

For the next family getaway, make sure you’ve got the L.L. Bean Soft Pack Family-Size Cooler alongside for the fun. This durable cooling companion will keep everything cool thanks to its insulated material and space for anywhere from 36 to 48 cans and ice. It’s lightweight, making it perfect to haul up to the hotel room, the beach, or the picnic table.


Sunday Supply Co. Dunes Towelling Cooler

If you’re in the market for a smart, sporty, and sturdy cooler that you can sling over your shoulder, you’ve found the perfect option in the Sunday Supply Co. Dunes Towelling Cooler. It’s the brand’s original favorite, made with soft terry fabric and insulated to keep all of your foods and drinks chilled. With its canvas handles and adjustable strap, it’s easy to tote around anywhere.


Bellroy Cooler Tote

Not every cooler is of the boxy variety. The Bellroy Cooler Tote is proof of that, offering a more conventional bag-like appearance. Yet don’t be fooled: It offers plenty of space for up to two bottles of wine, a six-pack, plus snacks galore. Fill it up for a picnic or a day at the beach or by the pool and enjoy the convenience of an easy-carry bag and always-cold contents.


KULA 2.5 Cooler Koral

“That’s not a cooler!” Oh, yes, it is. Leave it to Bote to produce something unbelievably (forgive us) cool. The KULA 2.5 Cooler holds ice and beverages galore, plus it features a convenient dispense button so you can fill up cups quickly. That’s a handy feature to have at a beach party, a pool party, or while you’re entertaining loved ones in the backyard.


Kenai 65 Cooler

Durability is an inarguably important feature — especially if you’re looking for a large cooler to support heavier than average loads. Enter the KENAI by Grizzly 65 Cooler, a spacious 65-quart companion that will hold it all and then some. It’s got tie-down slots to hold everything in place, plus grippy feet to keep it steady. Plus, it’s available in eight fantastic colorways.