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It’s beach season, and that means one thing: It’s time to get your gear right. You’ve got the trunks lined up and you’re good with your rash guard. Flip flops? Check. Sunblock? No question that’s a necessity. An item that’s often overlooked, however, is the almighty beach towel. Any old towel really won’t do when you’re headed to the shore. You’ve got all that salty air and sand to contend with, after all. A lackluster towel that can barely absorb any moisture at all just won’t do the job here. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, all primed and ready to see you through your beach getaway in style.

Kassatex Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

The. Best. There are few towels that are so outwardly simple, yet that say so much. First, there’s the fact that the Kassatex Cabana Stripe Beach Towel is stylistically just about perfect. Sleek lines in sharp red and white exude a bit of a retro vibe. You can just about envision it in a beach party film from the 1960s. Then there’s the fact that these towels are downright legendary, firmly entrenched in the Kassatex archives and prized especially for their ultra-soft texture. They’re made with 100% Turkish cotton for the plushest possible hand imaginable.


Jonathan Adler Snake Cotton Beach Towel

If you’ve got something fierce in mind, look no further than the Jonathan Adler Snake Cotton Beach Towel. Featuring a distinctive snake print, this striking towel boasts a rich orange and black color palette on one side and a solid orange on the back. The gilded serpents entwined on the front exude a sense of chic that you probably have to see in person to believe. Talk about an attention-grabber.


Sand Cloud Geo Sunset Towel

Do a little good for Mother Earth while making your beach time a little more comfortable. The Sand Cloud Geo Sunset towel is pretty much a dream for its plush feel. It’s a part of a capsule collection between Sand Cloud and the Surfrider Foundation. Proceeds from the purchase will go to the non-profit foundation, which is committed to raising awareness and funds for the betterment of beaches and oceans everywhere.


Turkish Towels Striped Beach Towel

That Mediterranean vibe, though. The Turkish-made beauty of this towel would strike anyone at first glance. It’s just that distinctive — but that’s not the only reason to make the Turkish Towels Striped Beach Towel a key part of your warm-weather repertoire. It boasts a timeless striped print and is made with ultra-soft Turkish terry cotton. Whether you’re stashing it in your tote for a last-minute lake getaway with your crew or taking it to the beach for a family vacation, you’ll be grateful you snapped one of these up.


Tesalate The Alchemist Sand-Free Beach Towel

For the folks who are all about that beach life, there’s a towel that finally meets your every need. Tesalate The Alchemist Sand-Free Beach Towel is smartly designed with an array of features you probably didn’t know you needed. It dries quickly, absorbs plenty of moisture, and provides a clean, sand-free experience so you feel your freshest while you’re relaxing on the plush stuff. Plus, it folds up nice and compact to save space in your beach tote.


Brooklinen Beach Towel

Oh, so easy and so breezy. The Brooklinen Beach Towel collection doesn’t disappoint. This wavy wonder is a must if you’ve got a thing for vintage-inspired patterns that recall groovier times. They boast 600 GSM density, allowing them soak up maximum moisture quickly so you can dry off fast before you head to the boardwalk for lunch. Velour on the front lends them a luxuriously soft feel, while terry cotton on the back soaks all that water right up.


Sand Cloud Sunrise Towel

Forget. The. Fuss. The Sand Cloud Sunrise Towel is designed to do all kinds of things, like capture attention when your catching some sun on the beach and drying you off ultra-quick so you can focus on the good stuff going on around you. Seemingly impossible but true, this soft towel somehow becomes even softer the more that you wash it. Its absorbency increases over time, too. Plus, it’s sand-free for the cleanest possible finish. Bonus points for the fresh, minimalist rising sun print.


Sand Cloud Cloud Towel

Life just looks a whole lot brighter when everything is on point. That includes your beach towel of choice. In the case of the Sand Cloud Cloud Towel, that’s a given. It’s made with 100% pure Turkish organic cotton, lending it a light and airy and, yes, cloud-like feel that’s destined to make it the envy of all of the other towels on the sand. The design exudes a sense of old-world charm with its faint fringe tassels and clean lines.


Brooklinen Scenic Beach Towel

Doesn’t matter where you happen to be. With a Brooklinen Scenic Beach Towel under your arm, any spot can be as easy and breezy as the beach. Featuring 600 GSM density, they’re extra absorbent and thick, making them as functional as they are stylish. The front is made with ultra-soft velour, while the highly effective terry cotton on the back ensures you’ll stay as dry as possible after a swim.