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Layering. It’s a buzzword you need to know if your day includes contending with multiple seasons in a single day. You know how it goes — it’s crisp and cool in the morning and oddly balmy by afternoon. You’re no longer even surprised if, on the same day, there’s a threat of snowfall later in the evening.

While you have no control over the weather, you can make the most it by investing in one of the best shackets (aka shirt jackets) for spring. They’re comfortable and easy to throw on when said weather just can’t commit to a single season. Here are our picks for the best shackets for Spring.

Lululemon Twill Utility Jacket

Lululemon never ceases to surprise with wardrobe essentials like the Twill Utility Jacket. Available in great neutrals like black and stone, this everyday-appropriate jacket keeps you going when it’s cool or wet outside. It’s water-repellent and made with a wonderfully flexible fabric that feels great no matter what your day brings.


Taylor Stitch The Timberline Jacket

Just a glance at the Taylor Stitch The Timberline Jacket is enough to confirm that you may very well need it. It’s no ordinary shacket — it’s got a distinctly elegant edge that sets it apart from its far more casual counterparts. Therein lies its appeal. It’s sporty, yes, but feels a bit more pulled together with its soft hand-warmer pockets and its plush sherpa exterior. If you live in a cooler climate, snap this up instead of an ordinary shacket for maximum warm vibes.


Everlane The Heavyweight Overshirt

If you’ve got a thing for shackets but don’t want to look like you’re wearing one, the Everlane The Heavyweight Overshirt may be the most appropriate item you’ll ever add to your closet. It’s insanely practical, thanks to the fact that it looks like a conventional shirt. But the vibe here is warm and toasty, with a heavier twill fabric that feels especially good on cold days. Wear it over a T-shirt for the perfect layering situation.


Marine Layer Dry Wax Canvas Trucker

When you spend a considerable amount of time on or near the water, you probably know that wet clothes are a given. Instead of standing around shivering, give the Marine Layer Dry Wax Canvas Trucker a try. Not only is it downright cool in its down-to-earth midnight navy hue, but it’s got a water-repellent wax finish that protects it from damage. The vintage look sets it apart from other styles, too.


Woolrich Wool Blend Oxbow Flannel Overshirt

If you hear the name “Woolrich” and your mind immediately thinks of classic garments, you’re on the right track. As if to prove the point, the label’s Wool Blend Oxbow Flannel Overshirt will put you in a warmer state of mind right away. It’s available in multiple colors and offers a traditional silhouette that’s flattering to all figures. Throw it on with anything from jeans to khakis for an instant warm-up.


Buck Mason Felted Field Shirt

The ease of the Buck Mason Felted Field Shirt alone makes it one of the most flattering styles on this list. There’s little thought that needs to go into wearing a men’s shacket — you want it to be a grab-and-go style that looks at home with anything from a pair of jeans to joggers. That’s the case with this smart piece made with 340 GSM felted merino wool.


Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt

Take a trip back in time and you’re likely to encounter a guy wearing something a lot like the Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt. Old-school inspirations aside, this smart top offers the comfort of soft fabric coupled with the durability and robust resilience of a more worn-in work shirt. It’s soft, yes, but also a workhorse you’ll appreciate if you spend a lot of time toiling outside.


Wellen Seawool Bubble Shirt Jacket

There’s no denying that the Wellen Seawool Bubble Shirt Jacket is one of the most unique styles out there. It’s designed with recycled plastic bottles and upcycled oyster shells, resulting in a highly eco-friendly alternative to the usual suspects. It keeps you nice and toasty, locking in heat without going overboard, and has hand-warmer pockets for constant comfort. What’s not to love?


Relwen Brushed Mohair Buffalo Plaid Shirt Jacket

If you like your shackets with some extra personality, you won’t find a cooler contender than the Relwen Brushed Mohair Buffalo Plaid Shirt Jacket. Awash in a timeless plaid pattern and featuring an eye-catching yellow lining, it’s meticulously constructed with materials like acrylic, wool, and flannel to deliver maximum warmth all day long.


All Saints Willingboro Checked Shirt Jacket

Classic check pattern? Er, check. Loose, casual fit? Yep. Smart color scheme that you can wear forever? Definitely. It’s all part of the package when you snap up the All Saints Willingboro Checked Shirt Jacket, inspired by military silhouettes and featuring a cozy sherpa lining for added warmth. With its button-front closure and collar, it will keep you toasty when it matters the most. This is a fantastic, heavyweight alternative to a traditional jacket for days that don’t quite call for a coat.