Danner Bull Run Lux Boot

Danner Bull Run Lux Boot

Rugged on the outside and comfortable on the inside, the Danner Bull Run Lux Boot is the perfect addition of functionality to your modern wardrobe.

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$ 210

Since 1932, Danner boots have been a staple for every Ivy-league gentleman who wants the world to know that he might be book smart but can also swing an ax and pitch a tent. The new Danner Bull Run Lux Boot shows that sometimes all a classic look needs is a little modem enhancement.

On the outside, these boots feature rugged leather with a stitchdown construction, while on the inside, you’ll find an incredibly comfortable fit that might just make you want to live in the boots all year long. The Danner Bull Run Lux Boot is made from naturally milled nubuck leather that looks better with each wear. The leather is both soft and durable, while the outsole provides superior traction, support, and comfort.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect metro-meets-mountain-man look or simply looking to add a bit of functionality to your wardrobe, these boots are more than ideal. The Bull Run Lux comes in Sunstone or Burro Brown.