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CWC RM Falkland Issue Strap

CWC Releases The Durable RM Falkland Issue Strap

The Cabot Watch Company captures the essence of a military issue watch strap with a durable design made to withstand constant wear and tear.

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£ 40

Chances are you use your watch a lot. So you need a band you can count on to hold up to lots of wear and tear without breaking down and still keeping a secure, comfortable fit. The CWC RM Falkland Issue Strap comes in two options. One is date stamped with the year of the military issue that inspired its design on the strap and underside of its buckle. The second option only showcases that stamp on its buckle. Both versions exude a vintage style with a faded date on the first one and the genuine military-style and color of the ones from the same era.

This watch strap fits both general military watch bases and accommodates diving cases. The 350mm long x 20mm wide strap ensures the time is always visible, and you can keep track of your dive time because it fits over your gear. To release the strap, a quick tug makes it fast to get out of your suit or gear when you surface or get to your next stop.