COTODAMA Lyric Speaker

The world's first visual speaker illustrates the lyrics of your favorite songs as you listen to them.

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Music provides the background noise to our lives, yet it does so much more. We express ourselves through song and we use it to savor the moments that make us happy and reckon with the ones that don’t. We are moved by the power of notes and lyrics. In a celebration of all that resonates in us, COTODAMA has introduced their Lyric Speaker.

As part of a project with SyncPower Corporation, Japan’s largest lyric database, COTODAMA is offering a collection of more than two million songs that can be visualized on its innovative speaker. The whole experience is shockingly easy to do. Simply tap into the Lyric’s app with a WIFI connection and stream high-quality audio while you see the lyrics of each song visualized on the translucent screen of the speaker itself.

In a bid to visually illustrate the power that music has to move us, the Lyric Speaker will adapt its presentation of lyrics to suit the song. So if you’re listening to a light ballad you’ll get soft fonts and movements. A heavier rock song will have more bold faced fonts and powerful motion. It’s all a part of a big master project conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology to analyze the content and structure of music that translates into visual graphics. The Lyric Speaker is the world’s first piece of electronic kit equipped with the Lyric Sync Technology.

If all the technological bells and whistles weren’t enough, the Lyric actually produces a bold, vibrant sound in an elegant speaker package.