Converse Mountain Club Capsule Collection

Converse introduces a collection of new weather-proof sneakers for that awkward slice of weather every fall and spring.

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Every fall and spring, you’ve got an awkward slice of weather that’s too wet and cold for traditional sneakers, but during which winter boots feel like overkill. Converse has stepped up their game to fill the gap with the Converse Mountain Club collection.

They didn’t mess with the basic design lines of their shoes; instead, they gave the All Star, the One Star, and the Fast Break a little extra cold-weather love in the form of Gore-Tex lining, gusseted tongues to keep chilly puddles out, and double-lacing mechanisms. So you can wear your favorite sneakers — and your trademark style — that much more.

The Converse Mountain Club might not be quite as extreme as the original Converse military-grade Cold Weather Boot created in the ’50s, but they take the best in weatherproof technology and classic style to upgrade your favorite kicks. Hard to beat that.