Converse Chuck 70 GORE-TEX

Converse Chuck 70 GORE-TEX Canvas High Top

The iconic Chuck silhouette with added insulation and protection from adverse weather conditions.

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$ 110

A giant in the world of classic kicks, the Converse Chuck Taylor detonated like an atomic bomb when it dropped in the 1970s, and the blast has reverberated throughout the world of casual fashion ever since.

But while you just can’t beat that iconic Chuck silhouette, the shoe has always left a lot to be desired in the areas of insulation and protection. That is, until now. Converse’s new Chuck 70 GORE-TEX Canvas High Top has the slender look and minimalist detailing that you’ve come to expect from the original Chuck, but this shoe is actually designed to keep your feet warm and dry under adverse weather conditions. Composed of a water-resistant GORE-TEX canvas upper with a molded rubber sole, it protects from cold and the elements like no Chuck that came before. Converse even threads the Chuck 70 GORE-TEX with non-wicking laces to ensure that you stay as dry as possible.