Converse All Star BB Evo

Converse Reveals Modern All Star BB Evo

A breathable lightweight mesh upper and a low center of gravity gives the Converse All Star BB Evo optimal movement on the court.

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$ 120

Jordans and Nikes might nab most of the sneaker attention, but there’s really nothing as classic as the Converse All Star. These were the original basketball shoes. The Converse All Star BB Evo is the latest endeavor of the company and will completely change the way you view the brand. These modern basketball sneakers are a far cry from the canvas high tops you think of when you hear Converse.

The Converse All Star BB Evo ditches the Chuck Taylor look and upgrades to give you a shoe that offers max movement freedom while on the court. The shoe uses Nike’s React drop-in midsole and combines it with a breathable lightweight mesh upper. This way you’ll stay cool and dry while gripping the court. Slipping on the hardwood will become a thing of the past. The sidewall of the shoe travels further up than the classic Chuck Taylors, giving you more ability to plant, pivot, and shoot, all for maximum containment while offering even more flexibility.