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FA-13 Combat Bomber

Confederate Motorcycles FA-13 Combat Bomber

Limited to just 13 bikes, Confederate Motorcycles’ new FA-13 Combat Bomber epitomizes the company’s dedication to “heirloom quality.”

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Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama for over a quarter of a century, Confederate Motorcycles employs only the finest materials and methodologies in their efforts to handcraft luxury road bikes that balance state-of-the-art technology with primitive power. The company promises to promote “heirloom quality” in their motorcycles while turning its back on the potential financial benefits that might come with high production volume.

Epitomizing these core values, Confederate Motorcycles’ new FA-13 Combat Bomber follows a strict military-spec billet construction mandate to recreate the classic American muscle bike of the 1960s with a distinctively modern, if not futuristic, feel. The extremely aggressive design of this exceptional vehicle can turn heads even when its standing still. Its deep black stealth-matte anodized finish adds to its imposing presence, as does its luxurious leather seat and its various bright red highlights (wheel sidewalls, triple exhaust pipes, etc.).

If this sounds like the bike for you, don’t hesitate and contact Confederate Motorcycles immediately. The company is only making 13 of these limited handcrafted units, and many have already been claimed by other buyers.

If you agree to a purchase commitment, you can rest assured that Confederate Motorcycles will take care of you, providing both free delivery and a 5-year factory warranty. The company also offers a choice of 30 month and 60 month factory services that allow you to update and personalize your unique FA-13 Combat Bomber with a range of new technologies and features.