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Cocoon Tablet Sling Messenger Bag

Cocoon Tablet Sling Messenger Bag

Compact sling messenger bag for tablet lovers.

With the line between tablets and laptops becoming less defined, more people are resorting to using their tablets when not in front of a desk. The portability and ease of use makes it a viable alternative to carrying a laptop, unless you need to do some heavy lifting that involves a requires a lot of processing power. However for casual users that can get most of their work done with a tablet, there’s no longer the need for a large laptop bag, favoring to carry a smaller bag that is more convenient and less cumbersome.

The Tablet Sling Messenger Bag by Cocoon is the perfect solution for those that want to minimize their every day carry to a tablet and some essential accessories. The slim messenger bag can even accommodate the new Apple iPad Pro, while Cocoon’s unique GRID-IT! system allows easy and secure organization of your accessories to accommodate your active lifestyle. Available for $50 USD, it should be all the bag you need for any tablet lover.