Clover Gin

Clover Gin

Clover Gin comes in two versions — “The Classic One” at 40% ABV and “Lucky No. 4” at 44% ABV, each putting a unique flair on an old favorite.

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Clover Gin was founded by three sisters from the lush greenery of the emerald isle. The Ickroth sisters founded the company in 2015 and eight months later perfected their recipe for a gin that is anything but typical. Its robust botanical flavor is attained by distilling the spirit with pear, lavender, and clover flower in addition to the conventional coriander, cardamom, and juniper base. The result is a softer, more vibrant tasting gin that sets itself apart.

Two versions of the gin are available — “The Classic One” at 40% ABV and “Lucky No. 4” at 44% ABV.  The latter of the pair is infused with green tea, bergamot, and clementine for a balanced yet bold herbal and citrus taste. The sisters’ unique blends are especially mixable, as evident from their recipe book which offers more than ten original ways to serve up their gin. With giftboxes of the company’s products available on its website, liquor aficionados can experiment with finding the perfect way to enjoy these versatile blends.