Clockwork Gameshell Portable Game Console

Clockwork GameShell Portable Game Console

The world’s first modular portable gaming system.

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$ 159

At first glance, the Clockwork GameShell’s nostalgic Nintendo Game Boy-inspired design brings back memories from a bygone era of gaming. However, the portable open source retro gaming platform offers much more than Nintendo’s legendary Game Boy ever could. The Clockwork GameShell Portable Game Console is a truly groundbreaking innovation as it is the world’s first modular portable gaming system.

The console itself is built from 5 different modules — a ClockworkPi v3.1 motherboard, Arduino compatible keyboard, 2.7-inch screen, rechargeable battery, and two-channel stereo speaker. The motherboard is programmed with a GNU/LINUX operating system that allows users to play thousands of classic games from history’s most iconic consoles. Atari, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo’s legendary canons are available via an open source platform preserving iconic games from Pong to The Legend of Zelda.

User experience is at the core of the console as its DIY assembly kit allows for customization and expansion designed to enhance gameplay. Preset programming languages including Python, Lua, and LISP allow users to modify existing games and even create their own for a uniquely personalized experience. With an apparent emphasis on personalization, the Clockwork GameShell Portable Game Console is able to capture the rich history of video games while offering a glimpse into their future.