CB2 x SAIC pyramid incense burner with tray

CB2 x SAIC Pyramid Incense Burner

The millennia-old tradition of incense burning meets modern design.

Incense has been around for thousands of years. Maybe it’s time for incense burners to be given a fresh start with modern design.

Design Collab No.2 teamed up with 12 students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, aiming to redefine modern living with incense that pays tribute to ancient Egypt. The end result is the Pyramid Incense Burner with Tray, a beautiful white marble pyramid structure that is paired with an exquisitely functional white marble tray.

When incense burns, the ash slides down the ingeniously designed pyramid and into the tray, as if the ash were sand. This design focus is fitting, as the sands of time are necessary for this new approach to incense design. This ornate yet simple incense burner is a must-own for anyone who appreciates the unique fusion of incense, tradition, and modernity. This CB2 exclusive and unique piece of art will give a fresh start to your home design and incense usage.