Casper Glow Light

Casper Glow Light

The latest product from the successful mattress company is a light designed specifically for sleep.

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$ 89

To state the obvious: we spend the majority of our nighttime hours asleep. And, of course, nighttime is also when we generally use electric lights. So why has it taken so long for a company to create a light that caters specifically to overnight sleep?

The latest product from the successful mattress company Casper, the Glow Light provides a better experience from the moment you enter your bedroom by emitting a soft and warm light that is perfect for reading or just relaxing. Then, the Glow Light gradually dims to lull you into slumber without interruption.

Consumers can also set the Glow Light to wake them in the morning. Unlike jarring audio alarms, this product will ease you into wakefulness by filling the room with its signature soft light. The elegant design of the Glow Light allows you to adjust brightness with a twist or produce a low light with a gentle wiggle of the entire unit.