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C by GE Lamp with Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa finds a new home in a connected smart lamp by GE.

Amazon’s voice controlled digital assistant, Alexa, seems to have made a new home in a lamp. She may not be the Genie that lives in a lamp just yet, although the popular intelligent personal assistant has already made lives easier at home for many living with the Amazon Echo, Tap, or Echo Dot.

The latest to provide Alexa with a home is the C by GE LED Smart Lamp, developed by a new sub brand of GE’s that will focus on a suite of connected products for the home. The smart lamp is the first third-party product with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, allowing users to simplify their lives and do more. It’s still a prototype, with consumer versions expected to launch sometime in the near future, but you can see the C by GE Lamp in action by checking out the video below.