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Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool

Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe

This multitool has everything you could possibly ever need, including a friggin’ axe!

Gardeners are a docile and peaceful bunch, but even they seem to understand the importance of being prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse. Brook & Hunter builds world-class gardening tools, and they have used their expertise in building high quality tools to making the ultimate survival tool for any occasion, including a world overrun by zombies.

Their Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe is a versatile and beautifully crafted multitool that should be able to get you out of any sticky situation. It’s an axe, hammer, wrench, knife, can opener, wire cutter, file, and pliers all in one; something that can easily get a whole lot more done than your Swiss Army Knife. Not only that, the handle comes finished in a beautifully handcrafted red oak for that extra dose of sophistication; not that it will matter that much when you’re running from zombies.