Bremont Jaguar D-Type

Bremont Jaguar D-Type

This auto-inspired bi-compax chronograph features a rotor shaped like the Jaguar D-Type’s steering wheel and a crown shaped like a Dunlop tire.

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£ 5,495

As its name suggests, the Bremont Jaguar D-Type is inspired by the beloved automobile. With brushed nickel sub-dials and a striking blue dial, the watch is a dream for the auto enthusiast and watch geek.

The bi-compax chronograph and tachymeter ring are housed inside a 43mm satin finished Trip-Tick three-piece case. While the unique case is eye-catching, the true beauty of the watch is seen from the back, from which the beautifully finished BE-50AE (ETA 7750-based) automatic chronometer movement’s rotor is shaped like the D-Type’s steering wheel. The crown also features the etching of an original Dunlop tire as well as the Jaguar logo.

The watch features a 42-hour power reserve, 100 meters of water resistance. Limited to 300 pieces, the Bremont Jaguar D-Type is currently available online (from May 12th) and at select authorized dealers throughout the globe.