Bose Portable Home Speaker

Bose Portable Home Speaker

Bose’s new Portable Home Speaker offers everything you’d want in a portable speaker wrapped in sleek design.

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$ 349

Premium audio maker Bose introduces the Bose Portable Home Speaker, a beautifully-designed, versatile, and compact speaker that will cost $349. 

Clearly taking aim at the design-oriented Sonos products, the new speaker catches the eye with its beautifully minimalist design that’s only 7.5-inches tall, four-inches wide, while weighing only 2.3 lbs. 

Charged via USB-C, the smart speaker has 12 hours of battery life and both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa capabilities built into the speaker, you can say the word to play podcasts, news, weather, and more. Music and content can be streamed directly to the speaker via Apple’s AirPlay 2 or popular streaming services like Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and SiriusXM. The Bose Music app adds smart connectivity features, such as controlling what you hear in each room and selecting the stations or playlists you want to hear next.

Available in silver or black, the Bose Portable Home Speaker will hit stores and online retailers starting this September.