Boomtown Sonora Honeyed Costa Rican Coffee

This Roast From Boomtown Coffee Is Sweet Like Honey

Boomtown Sonora Honeyed Costa Rican Coffee uses a special preparatory process to lower acidity and add an indulgent sweetness.

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$ 17

Coffee is the one universal constant to most mornings. If you prefer a little nuance to your daily pick me up, Boomtown Sonora Honeyed Costa Rican Coffee has an intriguing backstory. No, there’s no actual honey in it — the name is actually a nod to the special process used to prepare the coffee. Instead of washing off the sweet, sticky layer of resin from the coffee beans before drying them, it’s left on to change their flavor profile. Most coffee harvesting outfits strip this off before the beans are roasted, but Boomtown keeps it on so the acidity of the coffee is lower, resulting in a sweeter taste in each sip.

The process results in a cup that helps Mondays feel a little less…well, like Mondays. Its sweet taste removes the need to use a heavy hand on the creamer, allowing a drinker to bask in the simplicity of the roast itself. Grown in volcanic soil, these beans aren’t your average Arabica — they’re actually a unique Red Catuai strain. This variety puts forth tasting notes of toffee, citrus, and chocolate brought out by the rich, volcanic Costa Rican soil they’re grown in. If there’s a coffee out there that’s worth waking up for, this one’s definitely a contender.