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BONX Wearable Walkie-Talkie

Designed for outdoor activities, this hands-free walkie-talkie will keep you connected with your buddies.

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Although walkie-talkies may no longer seem relevant in an era where smartphones have taken over, there’s something convenient and immediate about these hand-held devices. However, situations when we most need walkie-talkies are the ones where we need to keep our hands free.

The BONX Wearable Walkie-talkie will keep your communication channel open during any vigorous outdoor activity without the need to hold onto your walkie-talkie. All you need to do is pair it with your smartphone over Bluetooth, and the system will transmit your voice only when you speak through its dual microphones that are equipped with a multilayer wind and noise reduction technology. Deigned specifically for intense outdoor activities, the water and shock resistant BONX Wearable Walkie-talkie should the perfect companion for you and your mates.