BMW E30 M3 by Redux

BMW E30 M3 by Redux

This custom BMW E30 M3 sports the beloved classic silhouette while packing major modern updates on the inside.

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Among BMW aficionados, few models are more revered than the E30 M3 of the mid-1980s. No matter how you feel about this beloved vehicle, the customized BMW E30 M3 by the aftermarket tuner Redux is worth a look.

First and foremost, Redux wisely leaves the classic E30 M3 silhouette largely intact; there’s no sense in messing around with what so many car lovers have deemed absolutely perfect. Instead, Redux concentrates on some less immediately evident yet extremely noteworthy alterations including premium Alcantara and leather seats from the aftermarket parts manufacturer Recaro, lightweight aluminum monoblock wheels with customized three-way dampers, and a modern digital dashboard and stereo system.

But the most exciting upgrades of the Redux BMW E30 M3 are undoubtedly under the hood. Redux mechanics and engineers retooled the car’s 2.5-liter turbo engine to produce an incredible 387 hp and 390 ft-lbs of torque. Redux will be producing only 30 of these customs.