Black Eye Pro Kit G4

Black Eye Pro Kit G4

Want to get more out of your mobile photos? Just clip on these lens extensions to your smartphone or tablet.

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$ 250

Professionals and even amateur photographers cringe when they see a photo that was snapped by a novice on an ordinary smartphone. But the fact remains that the cameras on most portable devices these days can produce some pretty exceptional results.

If you want to get even more out of your mobile photography, Black Eye has you covered with the clip-on Pro Kit G4. Why bring along a full-sized digital camera with a bulky case of lenses when you can quickly and easily outfit your cell phone or tablet with three different lightweight and compact lenses? Or, instead of replacing one with the other, why not get the best of both worlds? We all carry smartphones anyway.

Compatible with your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and virtually any other modern gadget with a built-in camera, the Black Eye Pro Kit G4 includes a Cinema Wide lens that provides a 120-degree angle of view free of distortion, a super-wide Fisheye lens that makes landscapes larger than life, and a 60mm-equivalent Portrait lens that produces a shallower depth of field to makes human subjects absolutely pop. Just clip it on and instantly improve the quality of photos coming out of your portable device.