beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC

beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Wireless Headphones

The first ever headphones with active noise cancelling and MOSAYC sound personalization.

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Recently unveiled at CES 2019, the over-ear beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Wireless Headphones seem destined to give leading brands such as Bose a run for their money. And the buzz around these headphones is growing louder, despite the fact that beyerdynamic has yet to release a wealth of specific technical information about them. (For instance, beyerdynamic currently has the phrase “very good sound” listed in place of actual specs.)

The Lagoon ANC features a unique sound personalization technology called MOSAYC, developed by a company called Mimi. It’s different from EQ. MOSAYC sound personalization (also called Mimi Defined) performs a hearing test and determines each ear’s response to a range of frequencies, thus tailoring the headphones to each individual listener.

The beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC headphones are the first to incorporate active noise cancelling and sound personalization. They also feature touchpad controls on the earcups, and remaining battery charge is indicated via light-up LEDs within the headphones. The beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Wireless Headphones come in both black/blue and grey/brown color combinations, and will be available in April.