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Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Series

If you’ve ever watched the Breitling Jet Team perform before, it’s hard not to get sweaty palms when you see those jets fly within 3 meters of each other, at speeds over 700 km/h. The jaw dropping aerobatics must’ve gotten some people at Bentley excited too as the British luxury automaker’s Mulliner customization team unveiled a seven-car run inspired by the seven unique L-39C Albatros aircrafts used by the flying aces of the Breitling Jet Team.

Through this limited edition, Bentley’s Mulliner team has re-imagined the Continental GT Speed to mirror the distinctive look of the Breitling Jets, painting the exterior in a striking duo-tone split of Hallmark and Onyx with Breitling Yellow accents around the lower portion of the car. This bespoke color theme is continued on the interior, with yellow stripes wrapping around the seats and the dashboard.

The series will make its debut at the Boeing Seafair Airshow on July 31 in Seattle, where the Breitling Jet Team is performing. The key for each Bentley will be handed over to its owner by the corresponding plane’s pilot – but only after experiencing some nauseating aerobatics in the jet that inspired their car.