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beanarella Puk

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There’s nothing quite like a nice cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up and get you ready for the day. It’s the perfect companion for those mornings when you have a big meeting or presentation later in the day, but every single cell in your body seems to be half-asleep. For urbanites already living in cramped conditions, finding room dedicated for a coffee maker can be a luxury. However, for those passionate enough about their daily caffeinated intake, a Swiss made coffee maker by the name of beanarella Puk might be the perfect solution.

The oddly narrow shape may look like the thin end of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, but at approximately 4 inches it can fit into the narrowest of spaces, including your claustrophobia inducing kitchen. Puk can conveniently make espresso or regular coffee by dropping in one of its capsules into the machine and pressing a button, making things easy for you to operate when you are slowly getting out of your sleep/coma in the morning.

Priced at around $200 USD the beanarella Puk isn’t cheap, but given its warm reception at the 2015 IFA in Berlin, maybe it will be worth the price of admission for those urbanites that would like to skip their morning Starbucks routine.