Basil Hayden's Caribbean Reserve Rye

Basil Hayden’s Caribbean Reserve Rye

A unique blend of rye whiskeys and a hint of rum, with the aroma and taste that evoke a tropical location.

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$ 44

Basil Hayden’s Caribbean Reserve Rye has the aromas and taste that evoke a tropical location, with drinks delivered to you poolside or in a cabana overlooking a crystal blue ocean. Caribbean Reserve is the latest in a series of innovative rye whiskies that defy conventional thinking and bring about unexpected tastes.

A unique blend of rye whiskeys with a hint of rum, this limited run has hints of sweetness with the trademark spice of a high-rye product. It features a blend of 8-year-old Kentucky straight rye and 4-year-old Canadian rye whisky, which bring spice and toasted oak flavor with vanilla notes. The 80-proof blend is finished with black strap rum, which add sweetness with brown sugar and molasses. The Caribbean Reserve Rey delivers caramel and brown sugar aroma with back notes of rye and vanilla, before finishing with a long, lingering warmth that soothes the soul.