Bajaboard Pantera Offroad E-board

Bajaboard Pantera Offroad E-board

As high-performance as an electric skateboard can get, with a warning in all caps: “NOT FOR BEGINNERS.”

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The diversity of products in the electric skateboard market is enormous. While some are little more than children’s toys, others are serious commuter vehicles for working adults. The Bajaboard Pantera Offroad E-board is neither of these.

As high-performance as an electric skateboard can get, the Bajaboard Pantera comes with a warning in all capital letters: “NOT FOR BEGINNERS.” With a 3.5kW motor powered by a 1,100Wh battery, this e-board can produce 10.7hp and achieve top speeds of 45mph. And thanks to its 110A motor controller, it offers exceptional torque and acceleration capabilities. On a single charge, the Bajaboard Pantera can travel up to 28 miles.

Key features of the Bajaboard Pantera include custom headlights/taillights and controller/rims of black anodized alloy. Completing a jet-black motif that looks like something straight out of the Batcave, this e-board comes with a matte black finish on all chassis parts.