bAAn by Anonym

Located in downtown Bangkok, this modern home for an extended family stressed both privacy and togetherness.

The Bangkok architectural design studio Anonym mixes creative innovation with a commitment to environmental conscientiousness and diversity. The result is structures that balance “spaces, people and contexts” to produce a “characteristic space” that is unique to each project.

Designed for an extended family, Anonym’s bAAn sprawls out over 500 square meters in the heart of downtown Bangkok. The property is home to two separate residences, which face each other in parallel orientation across an internal courtyard that contains a vivid blue swimming pool. This layout stresses both privacy and togetherness by offering distinctly separated living spaces joined by a warm, tree-lined area of interaction and fun.

Created for clients with an eye for modern sleekness, the exterior surfaces of bAAn feature plenty of exposed concrete topped by an upper level of black aluminum panels. But this is certainly no exercise in coldness. The ample lower-level glass walls and windows allow plenty of natural light and air to enter the home.