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Autodromo Intereuropa Nassau Blue Dial

Autodromo Scores With The Classic Intereuropa Nassau Blue Dial Timepiece

nspired by the Coppa Intereuropa sporting coupe races of the mid-20th Century Autodromo introduces the Intereuropa Nassau Blue Dial Watch.

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$ 1,250

Expert timepieces have always had a place in the world of racing. From automotive racing dating back to the turn of the 20th century to sailing races and everything in between, a sturdy, designer watch is an essential tool. The Autodromo Intereuropa Nassau Blue Dial is the kind of watch you could easily wear on race day or your wedding day – – it’s just that versatile.

The 39mm polished stainless case houses a dial with 3D numbering inspired by 1950s auto gauges. Paired with an Italian handmade Saffiano leather rally strap, this timepiece stands out with its classic elegance. It’s also water resistant up to 50 meters, but let’s hope that your racer doesn’t end up submerged in those depths. Each watch comes in a beautifully crafted lacquered wood box adorned with a cloisonné badge shaped like a steering wheel. A collectable poster to commemorate the Autodromo’s place in automotive racing is naturally included.