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Assouline’s ‘The Last Heroes: 100 Moments Of Olympics Legend’ Reveals Iconic Olympic Moments

A reflection of humanity’s greatest moments of triumph and unity.

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Experience the unparalleled greatness of the Olympic Games with Assouline’s The Last Heroes: 100 Moments of Olympics Legend. This stunning volume captures the essence of the Olympics, celebrating the athletic prowess and unifying spirit that transcend cultures, languages, and borders. 

Relive the exhilarating moments that have defined the Games, from Jesse Owens’ triumphant fourth gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Games to Derek Redmond’s inspiring finish with his father’s support. This book is a tribute to the emotional highs and lows, the triumphs and struggles that make the Olympics a true reflection of humanity.

Authored by renowned French journalists Olivier Margot and Étienne Bonamy, The Last Heroes debuts before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This visually captivating compendium, featuring over 100 illustrations across 208 pages, highlights the hundred most significant moments in Summer Olympics history. 

Available in both the Classic Collection for $120 and a limited edition Ultimate Collection for $3,950, the latter includes 100 numbered copies with a custom-designed plaque of the inaugural modern Olympic Games medal. With its striking photography and compelling narratives, this masterpiece from Assouline, is an essential addition to any Olympic enthusiast’s collection, perfectly capturing the enduring spirit and legacy of the world’s greatest sporting event. Those interested can sign up to be the first in line to purchase on June 26.

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