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Assembly Coffee Rwanda Bumbogo

Assembly Coffee Roasters Releases The Rwanda Bumbogo Blend

Assembly Coffee locally sources this blend of arabica from several of the 523 farms united by the Bumbogo Coffee Washing Station.

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$ 13

The rapid development of Rwanda’s economy has allowed the nascent African nation to open its doors to the world. Coffee exports have become a huge component of the country’s growth. Since the Neza Trading Company set up the Bumbogo Coffee Washing Station in January of 2017, the rare strains of arabica found in the region now can be enjoyed around the world. Assembly Coffee Rwanda Bumbogo packs the potency of one of those strains into 200g packages of a syrupy cranberry and caramel flavored coffee worthy of savoring each morning.

Part of what makes the Bumbogo Coffee Washing Station so vital to the region is its ability to unite farmers. The facility hosts more than 520 farms and Assembly Coffee is able to cultivate relationships with many of them to offer unique roasts like its Rwanda Bumbogo. Each aromatic cup exudes the fresh scent of a hand washed blend of beans roasted to perfection, offering an incomparably authentic taste built on Assembly Coffee’s commitment to procuring exotic coffee from local farmers.