Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the first in the line to offer an Always On Retina Display that still offers an 18-hour battery life.

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$ 399+

The Apple Watch Series 5 was recently announced during Apple’s Fall Special Event. The newest Apple Watch improves upon Series 4 with a range of new hardware enhancements and software features. 

The biggest takeaway from the announcement is the Always On Retina Display. Unlike previous models which would dim when the watch face wasn’t raised, the screen stays on so you can have real-time access to your clock, notifications, and workout stats. Apple keeps the watch within acceptable operating temperatures to be sure that its always-on display doesn’t overwhelm the device, which still maintains its 18-hour battery life.

From a software perspective, the Series 5 puts an emphasis on safety. This is the first Apple Watch to include a built-in compass, international emergency calling, and notifications designed to alert you when your baby monitor or security system is triggered. An electro-cardiogram, a feature introduced on the Series 4, continues to measure your heart rate during workouts to keep you on pace without wearing yourself out. 
The new Apple Watch Series 5 will come in new titanium colorways along with design partnerships with Nike and Hermes to offer sporty and stylish alternatives, starting at $399.