Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit

Put Wheels On Your Mac Pro, Because Why Not?

The Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit uses 4 custom-designed steel and rubber wheels to make your desktop tower easy to move around.

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$ 699

Make your workplace easily accommodate whatever changes you need to make to stay productive by using the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit. This set of 4 custom-design stainless steel and rubber wheels can be installed onto your Mac Pro with a hex bit wrench included in the kit. The kit is compatible with the current generation of the Mac Pro. Once they’re mounted to the computer, the desktop can glide across any surface whether access is needed to install a new piece of hardware or the tower needs to be taken out for some routine cleaning.

Installing the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit will give an additional inch of height to the desktop tower, which is an important consideration depending on where the desktop is stowed away. Like the Pro Stand, Apple Mac Pro Feet Kit, or VEDA Mount Adapter, this accessory is meant to provide an ergonomic enhancement to get the most out of your Apple hardware.