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The Anymotor Is A Powerful Blower Suited For A Wide Variety Of Uses

Anymotor is highly portable and smaller than an iPhone Pro Max.

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Offering a pint-sized design with a powerful motor, the Anymotor blower works for various applications. The Anymotor is small, weighing just 245g. The overall size is smaller than an iPhone Max, making it super portable and easy to carry around. The cordless design runs on battery power, which can be charged from a standard power source. The Anymotor’s 1100mAh battery attains a complete charge in just two hours.

The Anymotor features three adjustable speeds and a powerful motor. The device features an engine boasting 10800rm/min, making it the perfect tiny powerhouse needed to dry moisture quickly. Three different attachments come with the Anymotor, which helps make it applicable for just about any task. A flat mouth attachment is perfect for cleaning a keyboard, air vents on a car, or dusting the space between sofa cushions. The round mount is ideal for quickly drying clothing or making a natural wind effect when taking photographs. Lastly, a pointed mouth attachment makes blowing up balloons and other inflatable devices a breeze. The attachments easily interchange with one another with a simple snap-on design.

Although still in its Kickstarter phase, the Anymotor is expected to ship in December 2022. An early pledge of $49 will earn backers the Anymotor with available attachments at about 51% off the retail price. Backers can choose from three colors, including black, silver, or space gray.

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