A Comprehensive Look at James Bond’s Gadgets

A comprehensive look at all of James Bond’s gadgets over the years.

After 24 outings, the fictional British secret agent James Bond has become an icon of modern day suave machismo. His tactics towards espionage have never been subtle, much like the blunt instrument that Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, has always envisioned Bond to be. Despite his inclination for wanton destruction, his quick wit and athleticism has enabled him to successfully carry out his numerous missions. However, without the assistance of Bond’s gadgets (and the amazing foresight the people from Q Branch has always seems to have, equipping Bond with the exact gadgets he would need on each specific mission), we’re not sure how the world’s most famous super spy would have survived.

YouTube channel Burger Fiction has compiled a montage of all of James Bond’s gadgets from the previous 23 films, now that Spectre is out in theaters. It never occurred to us how ridiculous some of Bond’s gadgets have been over the years, especially during the Roger Moore era. By the end of Brosnan’s rein as Bond in Die Another Day, the seemingly cartoonish satire of itself came to the point where even the audience was no longer willing to suspend disbelief, forcing the franchise to reboot itself and take a different direction, eventually casting Daniel Craig as their leading man.

The Q Branch has toned things down quite a bit in Bond’s most recent outings, keeping in line with the realistic tone of the franchise, but a look back at all the gadgets that have made Bond’s life as a super spy that much easier makes us a bit nostalgic for crocodile mini submarines and airplanes hidden behind a fake horse.